Bishop Warren & Elder Ernestine Lynch

Bishop Warren C. Lynch

Whether behind the pulpit or engaged in community outreach, Bishop Warren Lynch brings an infectious energy for transforming lives to ministry.  Challenging limitless audiences to live a purpose-filled life, Bishop Lynch intentionally encourages listeners to live in complete obedience to God and to operate with kingdom authority.


Consecrated to the office of Bishop in 2012, Bishop Lynch currently serves as Senior Pastor of the Red Budd Holy Church and President of the Southeast District Assembly of Churches Union, all established by the late Bishop F. C. Barnes. Under Bishop Barnes’ tutelage, Bishop Lynch would humbly serve in multiple capacities, including the pastorate of Bethel United Holy Church in Wilmington, NC.  A respected leader, counselor, visionary and mentor, Bishop Lynch would serve Bishop Barnes for more than 20 years until Bishop Barnes made his heavenly transition in 2011.


A North Carolina native, Bishop Lynch served CECO Building Systems as a welding supervisor for greater than 25 years.  Currently, Bishop Lynch serves as a welding instructor for Edgecombe Community College while pursuing his B. A. in Business Administration.


Bishop Lynch takes immeasurable delight in being married to Elder Ernestine Lynch for greater than 33 years. To this union, one daughter, Shanta Staton and one son, Milton Lynch.

(Lady) Elder Ernestine S. Lynch


Elder Ernestine Lynch has served Christendom for greater than 20 years.  A member of the Red Budd Holy Church, Elder Lynch serves faithfully under the auspices of her husband, Bishop Warren C. Lynch, Sr. Pastor and Presiding Prelate of The New Southeast District Assembly of Churches.  Faithful service and obedience to God would equip Elder Lynch to serve as Vice-President of the Evangelistic Committee of The New Southeast District Assembly of Churches and Sr. Advisor of The Red Budd Holy Church Christian Education Department.


Her infectious energy and bold approach in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ has proven to be a productive tool in the hand of God to win souls and advance God’s Kingdom.  To attend to the call of excellence and integrity in women’s ministry, Elder Lynch founded Women of Purpose, an annual conference targeting women with a passion-filled heart to fulfill their God-ordained purpose in the earth. The author of Strength For The Journey, a collection of divinely inspired poems, gently addresses relevant issues of the soul and charts the path to our true source of replenishable strength - our quiet times with God.


Nothing renders her prouder than the favor that God has extended to her to cover and love her husband, Bishop Warren C. Lynch, one daughter, a son, grandchildren and a host of spiritual sons and daughters.



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